Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow Days...

I can remember how happy we were to get some bamboo transplants from a neighbor many, many years ago. We had a little Japanese Garden that provided joy and peacefulness when I looked out the back window or sat on the deck. Neighbors often come by asking to harvest some bamboo to transplant into their own yards and we oblige with the caveat that they should look carefully at our yard (bamboo is a beautiful and sneaky foe) before making the big commitment.

Fast forward to the present: Yesterday was about the 8th time I've been in the yard with loppers and a broom to shake the snow off the bent and burdened bamboo and cut what must be cut in order to release the weight from our urban, overhead power line.

This takes about an hour of work and yields enough bamboo to build a bridge over the River Kwai. All the while I cash in what little good karma I have, hoping the line does not fall and terminate me on the spot.

This spring I will find a way to ensure this does not happen again. That is all.

Or is it? This morning, in the middle of our block:

Be safe out there, driving, shoveling, with chain saws, etc.