Saturday, March 23, 2013

Update 3/25 - Does Anyone Have Access to this Equipment?

Thanks for the help, what we need has been found and we're working out the details to have this be an important part of our project. Another win for social media - this went out to a few thousand via this blog, twitter and fb and we had the right answer within an hour.

I am involved in a service project that is looking to partner with someone who has access to this equipment: DELTA Environmental Handheld XRF Analyzer. If you have a lead please find me on twitter: @rrconstructor - thanks in advance!

It can be used for soil analysis in the field per this description from their website:
The analysis of soil for contaminant metals is the most common environmental application of handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. Simple screening for toxic metals is performed by placing the analyzer directly on the soil, in-situ. The DELTA provides ease in detecting metals for site characterization, contamination tracking, remediation monitoring, property evaluations, extreme-weather debris migration studies, construction and demolition waste sorting, industrial or mining community perimeter checks, agriculture soil inspections, and hazardous waste screening for disposal classification. Quantitative measurements of the metals are based on robust preprogrammed calibration methods that may be refined by the user.

Here is a link to a previous post about our service project.