Thursday, March 21, 2013

Become a Habitat Construction Leader

There are various volunteer leadership roles available on the build site with Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis. Do you have what it takes? It takes an interest in people, helping, gently leading and celebrating the accomplishments of all when the tasks are done for the day and the group gets to stand back and see a mission further down the road to fruition. After several months you will see a new home buyer get a set of keys after much hard work - it is a truly moving and joyous experience. It is what being a member of the community feels like, at its best.

So please, check out the text below from Habitat's website and investigate if this could be the thing for you.


Habitat does more than build homes and faith. It also builds leaders. Habitat provides hands-on training and mentorship for new leaders. You will develop new construction and leadership skills while at the same time enriching your community. You will have the opportunity to build a team and build a home from the ground up. Habitat is looking for new leaders to share in this challenge!
It's the job of Habitat House Leaders, Crew Leaders, Task Leaders, and Site Safety Observers to make sure that a volunteer's efforts are rewarded. Furthermore, Habitat leaders ensure that homes are built and volunteer efforts are well utilized. As the need for more Habitat homes grows, so does the need for more Habitat leaders.
We know that often people don't volunteer simply because they have not been asked. On behalf of the thousands of people needing homes in St. Louis, please ask your friends to consider becoming a Habitat volunteer construction leader. We need volunteers and leaders so that "one house at a time we can change lives forever." As Jim Kennedy - a long-time Habitat house leader - says, "Go ahead and make the call. We'll teach you what you need to know, as long as you are willing to help others."
On behalf of Habitat Saint Louis and all of our wonderful partners, we want to give a special thank you to all of our volunteer construction leaders. You make our mission possible.
How could we build houses without someone who knows what to do? We can't! We are looking for Construction Leaders. If you read the description below and say "I could do that", please see the "Next Steps to Leadership"!
To join one (or both!) of our construction leadership committees (safety and leading edge), check out our Committees page.

Habitat Volunteer Construction Leadership Roles

The House Leader partners with the HFHSL Project Manager to direct and supervise the Crew Leaders, Task Leaders, Site Safety Observers, and volunteers. It is possible for two to three qualified people to share this responsibility throughout the duration of the build. The House Leader should have the experience required to guide the Crew Leaders/Task Leaders through most aspects of residential home construction. This person should also have experience in reading construction documents, developing a work plan for a crew, laying out specific material placement, and accurately explaining the layout to Crew and Task Leaders and volunteer groups. The House Leader also serves as a liaison between Habitat for Humanity and the sponsor group by insuring Habitat equipment is returned and by attending House Leader meetings, training sessions, and other relevant activities. House Leaders are needed Fridays and Saturdays during blitz weekends and Saturdays throughout our entire build.
The Crew Leader's principal function is to coach the volunteers to produce acceptable results in a safe manner. A Crew Leader can usually guide four to five unskilled or semi-skilled volunteers. Crew Leaders demonstrate tasks, maintain standards, monitor safety, and assure that the volunteers have enough meaningful work to have a satisfying experience. A Crew Leader should be a people person, possess some basic construction aptitude, enjoy leadership, and be able to learn tasks quickly and then demonstrate those tasks to others. Crew Leaders are needed Fridays and Saturdays during blitz weekends and Saturdays throughout our entire build.
The Task Leader coaches volunteers to complete a specialized task at the worksite. A Task Leader for framing works only on framing days of the blitz week while a painting Task Leader works only on finishing Saturdays. The Task Leader could lead a team to execute a specific task during one or more blitz days or multiple Saturdays. Task Leaders are needed Fridays and Saturdays during blitz weekends and Saturdays throughout our entire build.
The Site Safety Observer observes the work activities of the volunteers on the build site. This is a person who has become familiar with the HFHSL House Leader's Safety Manual. This person performs audits of the work site conditions and the condition of the tools and equipment that are being used. This person also provides safety coaching for the volunteers as needed. The Site Safety Observer discusses specific safety issues associated with the day's tasks with the House Leaders and Crew Leaders prior to the arrival of the volunteers at the work site and then with the volunteers prior to beginning the work. Site Safety Observers are needed Fridays and Saturdays during blitz weekends and Saturdays throughout our entire build.
Download a Construction Leadership Brochure (1508KB pdf) today!

Next Steps to Leadership

Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis provides extensive training to all those seeking to become construction leaders. The first step in becoming a construction leader is to sign up for a field day. Crew leader trainees will participate in the morning leaderhip meeting and be paired with experienced house and crew leaders who will guide them through a day on site.
Additionally, HHFSL will provide training throughout the year to all those seeking to become construction leaders.
To find out more and to begin the process of becoming a leader, contact our volunteer services department or call 314-371-0400.
What if I need community service for school or for the courts?
Please visit the Community Service page for more information.