Wednesday, March 6, 2013

St. Louis Regional Chamber (RCGA) & Sustainability

If you own/run a small business and are interested in all the benefits of moving your firm in a sustainable direction that will effect the bottom line as well as marketing position and, oh yeah, the environment, then it may be time to consider joining the St. Louis Chamber.

The Chamber's Green Business Challenge has helped almost 100 member firms, large and small, take big steps in this direction. This is important corporate citizenship.

Added this year, among other things, is the Sustainable Business Advantage. This is a 'green business 101' for those just starting the journey and it features training with The EarthWays Center staff of the Missouri Botanical Garden. Here are images of the flyer for the program:

Check out these websites and dig in for a productive time. Taking steps into the sustainability realm need not require a huge investment and a company need not make the journey alone. These are resources to help you get started in meaningful ways.