Thursday, February 28, 2013

Belleville and the Idea of Transformation/Preservation

I do not know this building, but as I was driving through Belleville on business this morning I was struck by the contrast between the front and the side of the structure. Many of us love mid-century modern architecture and many of us love preservation and restoration of original building details. Sometimes they cross in the same place and the same time. Below are a few images from this morning - keep in mind I have no idea of this building's fate, but I do find it an interesting embodiment of a place 'where worlds collide."

Here is the Mid-Century front and below is the side.

What is the building's 'period of significance?' In other words, if it is a historic structure, what did it look like when it made history, as it were? It seems obvious that the original construction pre-dates the mid-twentieth century. There is, quite often, a complexity, along with a few contradictions in the analysis of existing structures with respect to preservation.