Monday, October 29, 2012

Sustainable Disaster Recovery

I finished up day one of SLU's Sustainable Disaster Recovery Conference. Lot's of good information I hope we never need to put into practice. Also, very strange to be doing this work/learning while Sandy rolls into the east coast. Some conference guests could not make it because of travel issues and some others cancelled to work on the  Sandy emergency response.

A solar outfit brought this trailer. It can be set up and produce up to 900kwh/month in a place with sun levels like St. Louis. Sustainable power to help in recovery and very portable - pretty cool.

The National Disaster Recovery Framework is published by FEMA and lists sustainability as a chief component of its processes. Bookmark this one.

The most compelling and inspiring presentations were from teams that worked in Greensburg, Kansas and Joplin, Missouri. They have survived and accomplished plenty. Their stories and knowledge are greatly appreciated.

The image below is by Larry Schwarm. It is of Greensburg, the day after it was wiped off the map.  links to the town. They have done some outstanding things - check it out.

Here is an online book for how the wreckage above was transformed back into a town: Tour Book