Saturday, October 20, 2012

Maybeck at Principia

Here is some information about a Bernard Maybeck Celebration at Principia from November 8 - 10:

Here is a little more info on his career:

I was on the campus today to watch the soccer game of a friend's daughter and we took the time to look around a bit. I've seen some of Maybeck's work in Berkeley, California many years ago and it has stayed with me all this time. Just outstanding and captivating in terms of space, scale, materials and more.

Per wikepedia on Principia: There are ten student dormitories on campus: Anderson House, Rackham Court, Howard House, Sylvester House, Buck House, Brooks House, Ferguson House, Joe McNabb, Lowrey House, and Clara McNabb. The first six mentioned were designed by architect Bernard Maybeck in 1935, as was the campus' chapel.[4] Maybeck attempted to use different architectural styles and building techniques for each of these dormitories and for the chapel. In an effort to ensure success with his designs and materials, he experimented with them through the creation of a small building known affectionately by Principians as the "Mistake House."[5]

Here are a few pix of the Mistake House - a little treasure all on its own:

Maybeck wanted see his planned palette of materials side by side and this little experiment did the trick. Each elevation features something different. When seen expressed in the group of buildings it is impressive. I have more pix I'll try and get up later. 

Please enjoy and support our magnificent architectural heritage.