Saturday, April 27, 2013

Starting the Seedlings

A handful of people from our Sunflower+ Project Team headed out to The Farm at Kraut Run this afternoon to start preparing seedlings for our Land Lab Project,

We mixed up a combination of sifted compost, lime, soil, vermiculite then added water and mixed again. This thick, muddy conglomeration is then stamped into 1-1/2" square blocks with a small depression for the seeds.

Once the seeds are planted some of the dry soil mix is sprinkled over the seeds. The growth will emerge from the soil in about a week and we'll have 1500 sunflower seedlings ready to plant by the 17th of May.

This method of starting seedlings does not require plastic cups. It is a good experience for a city guy, like myself, to get his hands dirty and come closer to understanding some of the best practices for low impact farming.

More pix later.