Saturday, February 2, 2013

Land Lab Exhibition Open in Old North

Our team's 2nd round submission went in on time and is part of a month long exhibit at Old North hq right by Crown Candy. Head up there for a malt & a BLT and check it out.  Here is a little more info and a link:

February 1 – 28 Public Exhibition:  A selection of first round ideas and all second round submissions available for public viewing at the Old North St. Louis Restoration Group gallery

The competition website can be found here: Land Lab Competition

Here are some images from our work/submittals. We've based our dialogue with the neighborhood on historic information provided by Sanborn Maps of the area and we have specific, measurable goals for our experiment for  in situ bioremediation using sunflowers and winter wheat. Stay tuned for more as the project/process unfolds to a conclusion in April to be followed soon after by implementation.

Our Round 1 Image
Sanborn Map showing original buildings
survey of grades for retaining wall planning
our 2nd round submittal - on display now