Saturday, December 29, 2012

With a Hammer in My Hand

Here are a few projects I built, all in Ladue, while still wearing a tool belt. In the first I made the mantel on site and we installed and site finished shop-made cabinets and paneling. White pine is so soft; it presented a unique set of challenges. One can hardly look at it without a dent or scratch occurring. In this project I also made a round-top pocket door.

In the round room pictured below I made most of the trim on site by attaching a router to a trammel in order to make a repeatable pattern. Round is fairly easy, with a bit of patience - it all emerges from the center.

Finally, here is a cedar screen porch with some nice ceiling details.

I made these scans early in the digital age and I can't find the originals, but  I know they're around here somewhere. These pictures were not on the cover -  I arranged them this way as to remember their origin.