Wednesday, March 7, 2012

from Today's Post-Dispatch - MSD Project

Jacobs Engineering gets part of huge Metropolitan St.
Louis Sewer District project
BY TIM BRYANT ‡ Posted: Wednesday, March 7

Jacobs Engineering Group said today it has a $1 billion slice of the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District's decades-long project to rebuild much of the area's sewer system.

The project includes three massive tunnels to store rainwater and sewage that currently flows untreated into the Mississippi River during big storms. The tunnels will hold hundreds of millions of gallons of water that will be pumped to sewage treatment plants after storms pass.
MSD says Jacobs will design and engineer the biggest tunnel, which will extend several miles beneath the River Des Peres, from south of Forest Park to MSD's Lemay treatment plant on the Mississippi.
Storage tunnels, high-rate treatment systems and pump stations are part of MSD's pending agreement with the federal government to bring the system into compliance with the U.S. Clean Water Act. The deal obligates MSD to $4.7 billion in work over more than two decades. A $945 million bond issue to underwrite part of the work could go before voters on June 5.
Jacobs, based in Pasadena, Calif., has a large office in downtown St. Louis. It bought Sverdrup Corp., of St. Louis, in 1999.