Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Collage, Part 1

Here are a few collages I did over the weekend. A collage is a type of construction, an assemblage, more or less 2 dimensional. Most of them come from re-purposed material and can serve as objects of contemplation about the nature of materials and meaning.

Pattern, balance, text, image, the whole, the parts, the happy accidents and serendipities make engagement with collage a mini-adventure. Collage is also a good way to work out design concepts and rhythms - a way to test the waters on a manageable scale. Creating them is an act of meditation, of engagement and focus that, for me anyway, keeps me deeply in the present.

There is lots of collage work in the slide shows posted on this work as well. Each journal is full of them. Also, I recently photographed some old sculpture pieces from back in the day. 3D collage, constructions and so on, which I will sort through and post in a day or so.