Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Tyson Living Learning Center

Last night I attended a presentation and tour of the Tyson Living Learning Center At Washington University's Tyson Research Facility off  I-44. Kevin Smith, the Assistant Director of the facility and Dan Hellmuth, the architect of the building were the presenters. The building is constructed from wood harvested at the site and there are many other features that will help it achieve 'Living Building' status as time moves on.
As Kevin spoke about glade restoration it took my mind back to backpacking days in the Irish Wilderness along the Eleven Point River. Rock outcroppings, cedar, prickly pear cactus forming isolated desert pockets in the middle of the Ozarks - these are some of my favorite memories of time spent in the back country. Here is a pic along the river bluffs about 9 miles from the trailhead. (scanners are dangerous)
Last night was cool enough to open the overhead doors in the meeting room where we gathered. Here is Kevin speaking on the facilities' mission and work.

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