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Becoming a LEED AP

This piece goes back goes back 6 months but I can attest to its validity. I helped a person, by providing the documentation mentioned below. The submittal was audited and I had to submit a business card as well in a case in which the person was extremely well qualified to be eligible to take the test.

For Future LEED APs: How to Document LEED Project Experience

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Word has been spreading fast that you now need project experience to become a LEED Accredited Professional (AP), but many of us are still left wondering how to demonstrate it. According to the candidate handbooks for the new LEED AP specialty exams, there are specific requirements for demonstrating and documenting project experience.
The handbooks state that the project must have been registered (not necessarily certified), and that your last date of involvement needs to have taken place within the past three years. You must have a supervisor, client, project manager, or someone else qualified to evaluate your performance attest to your involvement in the project. This documentation needs to be in the form of a letter to GBCI. The language of the candidate handbooks is pretty vague in terms of the scope of your involvement, but ideally you should have been doing something LEED-related. It states that you can be involved as a “consultant, contracted worker, member of the LEED Project Team, LEED Homes Provider, LEED Commercial Reviewer, LEED Homes Green Verifier, or staff member of a Certifying Body (CB).” Note that the rating system associated with your project experience does not need to match the rating system you are testing under.
When you apply to take the exam, the website will prompt you for the following information:
1. The name of the LEED Project
2. The city, state, and country of the project
3. The rating system under which the project was registered/certified
4. The project’s start date
5. A letter from the project's supervisor/client/project manager describing your activities or role on the LEED project
GBCI auditors will review the letter of attestation based on the following requirements:
1. On official letterhead or other evidence of authenticity
2. Limited to 1,500 words or less
3. The letter must be dated
4. The letter must be authored and signed by a supervisor, client, project manager, or someone else qualified to evaluate the applicant’s performance
5. The author’s title and relationship to the applicant should be demonstrated; i.e. the author’s business card can be uploaded
6. The letter must summarize and confirm the applicant’s involvement with the LEED Project. The full name or Project ID for the LEED Project must be provided. The letter must provide the dates of the applicant’s relevant involvement
For a sample letter that Green Education Services has created using the aforementioned criteria, click here.
Regards,Zach Rose, LEED AP
CEO Green Education Services

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