Sunday, November 8, 2009

5 LEED Homes in University City is now online to describe our award-winning hybrid development process. It brings the custom experience and LEED Platinum homes to the affordable sector. Here is a Process Outline:
The idea has been to create an experienced team in sustainable housing and create some new partnerships that will yield some extraordinary results. University City, which recently won a 'Heroes of the Planet' Award as a forward thinking sustainable community, owns a few undeveloped lots in a strong working class neighborhood with a great location. Arcturis put together a team consisting of themselves along with Boa Construction Company and Washington University Sam Fox School of Architecture to figure out a way to build 5, affordable LEED Platinum homes on these lots. Check it out, consider buying one, spread the word and ask questions. This is the tip of the infill development iceberg; a test case in which a new development paradigm is being created and can peacefully coincide with other neighborhood improvement projects including weatherization of existing housing stock.

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