Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Roof Experiment

Click on the images to enlarge. I have a 20 year old, 3 tab shingle roof on a home built in 1892. I use my storm windows, the attic has been re-insulated, the furnace needs an upgrade along with quite a bit else. I contracted, in March, to have a white, liquid applied, elastomeric roofing membrane applied directly over my existing shingles. Today it is finally going on. The product container promises a 7 year life span though my contractor guarantees the roof for life. I suppose that means I will get no charge on needed re-coats. I will monitor utility bills and the condition of the 17 year old on my 3rd floor to see if there are good things happening on the performance side. The product is sold as an energy saver due to its color. It is water based, so the VOCs will be lower than many roofing products and no material must be stripped from the roof so the landfills should get a break.

As I stated in the beginning this is an experiment. Stay tuned for updates.

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