Sunday, December 7, 2008

Missouri Environmental Summit is the home page for Missouri Votes Conservation. Yesterday they hosted, at UM - Columbia, the 7th Annual Statewide Environmental Summit. A large crowd (150-200?) of people representing a wide variety of groups and interests attended a full day of reporting and working on issues to pursue with the Missouri State Legislature.

There were breakout groups on:
  • Energy & Climate Policy
  • Electricity & Energy Efficiency
  • Green Building
  • Sand & Gravel Mining
  • Transportation
  • Solid Waste Reduction

Next year I hope to form and work with a group concentrating on Urban Growth Boundaries in order to reduce sprawl, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve greenfield space.

This year I worked with the Green Building Group on outlining potential legislation efforts to:

  • Require LEED Silver certification for state buildings
  • Promote green schools legislation and funding
  • Enact a statewide energy and building code

Some of these issues are long term projects and some may be addressed soon. Check with the St. Louis Chapter of the USGBC and Missouri Votes Conservation for updates and opportunities.