Thursday, August 14, 2008

Intro & Artist's Statement

A start up blog about sustainability, art and construction. We'll see what happens.

Here is the Artist's Statement from my last show, @ Subterranean, which is represented by the slides somewhere on your right.

I practice art as a meditation on interdependence, ambiguity & impermanence. Using journals, text, collage, photography and construction as a means to document the world around me I hope to maintain a mindful regard of these issues.

Interest in the limits of language & photography in the creation of meaning and its expression has led me to the exploration of perspective, vanishing points, convergences, found poetry and objects as well as geometry. I try to document examples of the intersections of an idea with its embodiment in the world.

My journals serve as chronicles and sketchbooks for the passage of events, time, place & thought inspired by life’s activities as well as reading. The images of urban landscapes, buildings, infrastructure and other linkages between the natural and the man-made make up the largest part of my photographic output. Traditional collage techniques sometimes combined w/ digital/computer-aided editing provide the means for assembling and juxtaposing found and photographed words and images. The woven images are simply another layering of the process.